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Las Vegas Wedding Photography by Camilla Sjodin - 

 creating unique, romantic and beautiful photos with a contemporary and photo journalistic flare.

Las Vegas Wedding Photographer Camilla Sjodin

Camilla creates unique, romantic, and beautiful photos with a contemporary and photo journalistic flare. Camilla Sjodin has been a professional wedding photographer in Las Vegas since 2000. Camilla Sjodin knows each wedding is unique, special, and your most important day.

Las Vegas Photographer Camilla Sjodin is not your average Las Vegas Wedding Photographer; she doesn’t deliver Wedding photos; she delivers timeless masterpieces! She treats each wedding with very special care and attention. She assigns time to meet with her brides and grooms in advance, to discuss their day, their plans, and their preference for photography. She arrives to your wedding early, prepared, with lots of enthusiasm, a smile, and always with plenty of back-up equipment!

Camilla is experienced, talented, a perfectionist, and is skilled with her equipment. She is a wiz with natural lighting as well as artificial lighting. Camilla’s style of wedding photography is a mix of modern photo journalistic approach, traditional style, some fashion and always with a romantic and unique flare. Camilla uses her style, vision, passion and creative eye to create unique and romantic photos. She pays great attention to detail, she has an eye for great angles, and she is passionate about wedding photography. She works really hard, she has a great personality, and her feet are fast. Her romantic nature and love for life and people makes her the great photographer for a wedding day. She is dedicated to her clients, great quality, and always delivers more than expected.

Camilla Sjodin captures every moment of your wedding day. She photographs the bride and groom in both a contemporary and photo journalistic fashion, but also traditional and elegant style. She captures your love, your personalities, and your happiness. She captures every little detail but also the big picture and overall scenes throughout the wedding day.

She creates a variety of photos of your bridal party, both fun and casual, and formal and elegant, all with a romantic flare and unique and artistic style. She captures those unique moments of emotions, the joy, the laughs, the tears and the pride. She moves fast to capture every moment, but in a gentle and unobtrusive fashion being able to be everywhere, to capture everything, but hardly being noticed and never interrupting the spirit of the day.

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