Las Vegas Photographer – Camilla Sjodin

Why hire a photographer when I can take my own Portrait? LOL!

Las Vegas Photographer Camilla Sjodin,

Owner of Elite Photography Group


Born and raised in Sweden, I’ve always had an urge to explore. I first got the taste of traveling when I was only 14 years old. At 23, I left Sweden to travel the world and later work on luxury cruise lines. I landed in Las Vegas in 1997, and after graduating from CSN in 2000 in Commercial Photography, I started my business Sjodin Photography which in 2016 changed name to Elite Photography Group. I’ve gradually grown my business to greater success than I ever thought possible. For this, I am immensely grateful. Part of the success is because of my dedication, passion, and commitment to hard work. I love photography and the fact that every day of my job offers an adventure and a challenge. It has been thrilling to see Elite Photography Group (Sjodin Photography) evolve into a diversified photography business. Because of my very diverse client and assignment list, my job never gets boring. I’m always having fun and constantly learning — all to the benefit of my clients.

My ambition is always to handle each assignment from a unique angle, with lots of enthusiasm, with passion and a smile, and always with the desire to create something very special!!


Photographing fashion advertising models for a new clothing line by my New York client, ECCOCI.

About Elite Photography Group (Previously Sjodin Photography)

Each day is different and fresh here at Elite Photography Group! Our assignments vary from Events & Conventions to Products & Advertising, Architectural shoots, Fashion, and so on. Some days, I work by myself on a small project in the studio while other times, my photographers and I cover several assignments simultaneously. On any given day, I may be photographing elaborate advertising assignments on location with tons of photography gear and help from my photography and lighting assistants. Other projects require me to bring a team of 15-20 photographers and assistants to cover an elaborate convention with many simultaneous events to cover and synchronize. Each day is different and I love it! Sometimes photography is more about problem solving, organizing, and planning rather than actually pressing the shutter.  

My Convention & Corporate Event clients benefit from the fact that even when I have several projects in the works, I’m still always personally involved in each assignment. I communicate and prepare with the client directly and handle all post production, image quality control, and image delivery. If I’m not personally photographing the event, as my client, you will always know exactly which photographer(s) you’ll work with. You will know their names, phone numbers, and you can be assured that they were chosen for your assignment because of both their experience and ability to meet your expectations and criteria. This is one of the many advantages of working with a small, but experienced business such as Elite Photography Group. I have the ability to quickly expand to suit my clients’ needs and expectations. When hiring Elite Photography Group, you will always experience great customer service, a personal touch, consistent quality, and work customized for your needs.


I’ve been fortunate to meet and photograph many actors, artists, famous chefs, presidents and elected politicians. Here I am with Kevin Spacey, George W. Bush, and Al Pacino.


Not only has my work been published in many magazines, but I have also been fortunate to meet and photograph so many interesting people. I have photographed political notables such as U.S. Presidents George J.W. Bush and George W. Bush, General Colin Powell, former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani, Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval, British Prime Minister Gordon Brown, Poland President Lech Walesa and French President Nicolas Sarkozy, among others. I have also photographed famous chefs, actors, and artists including Emeril Lagasse, Wolfgang Puck, Jay Leno, Andre Agassi, Clint Holmes, Taylor Hicks, Al Pacino, Ellen DeGeneres, Maroon 5, Dana Carvey, Train, Kevin Spacey, and many more!


Left and Center: Photographing Nature & Landscapes is what I do for fun - Right: I recently was fortunate enough to hang out with these amazing kids during an editorial assignment in Kenya

      I love my job and life in general! I truly appreciate the good things in life, I live life to its fullest, and don’t take anything for granted. In addition to traveling, both for business and pleasure, I love to exercise and spend as much time outdoors as possible — always with my camera by my side.   Thank you for visiting our page!!   I wish you a fabulous day!!      

Elite Photography Group – Active and Proud Members of Professional Photographers of America (PPA), Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority(LVCVA), Nevada Film Office, Women’s Chamber of Commerce of Nevada(WCCNV) and Nikon Professional Services (NPS). 

- Recipient of WCCNV 2014 International Business Owner of the Year

- Known for donating her Photography Services to Charity and Non-Profit Organizations

- BOWD Graduate and Certified Woman-Owned Business

Las Vegas Photographer Camilla Sjodin, Elite Photography Group


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