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Our dedication, experience, knowledge, and professional attitude set us apart from our competition. Elite Photography Group; we specialize in corporate photography and capturing your special events. We guarantee that as we capture your event, we will produce appealing photos captured in an unobtrusive fashion and without disturbing the attendees or the flow of the event. We always strive to capture selling photos, with a unique look, that will set you apart from your competition. We are creative, fast, efficient, and reputable and we work hard. We know our way around every Convention Center, Exhibit Hall, and Meeting Facility in Las Vegas. We know how to capture the excitement, the beauty, and the message of your event and convention. We are dedicated, experienced, thorough, and talented. We are well known for our quality products, professional attitude, and always the determination to deliver above and beyond clients expectations. Las Vegas Corporate Photographers Elite Photography Group (formerly Sjodin Photography) has served Las Vegas, Henderson, California and Arizona since year 2000. Camilla also travels nationwide and internationally for Corporate Photography Assignments.

Our Corporate Photography Assignments include, Corporate Special Event Photography, Indoor & Outdoor Events, Convention & Trade ShowsConference & Meetings, Green Screen events, Award ReceptionsGroup PhotosCorporate HeadshotsBusiness PortraitsExhibit BoothsConcertsStage EntertainmentCelebrity Photo Meet & Greets, and Corporate & Social Event Decor.

We provide professional photography services to businesses and corporations of all sizes; Self Employed Sole Providers, small & large businesses, non-profit organizations and Large International Corporations. We photograph both in our Photography Studio, as well as on Location.

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Conference Photography

Las Vegas Photographers Elite Photography Group capture conference photography worldwide

Meeting Photography - Speakers, Audience, Conference

Meeting Candids

Elite Photography Group Las Vegas photographing meeting attendees interacting at conference in Las Vegas

Candid Photography of Attendees working, interacting, and socializing

Award Photography

Las Vegas Photographer Camilla Sjodin experienced and specialised in capturing award ceremony photos in Las Vegas

Corporate Event Photography of Award Ceremonies, Receptions, and Honorees

Special Events

Las Vegas Corporate Special Event Photography - IHG conference attendee with Character at Universal Studios in Orlando

Corporate Events & Team Building Event Photography

Convention & Tradeshow

convention photographer Camilla Sjodin captures Las Vegas trade shows and exhibit booths

Conventions, Trade Shows, and Exhibit Booth Photography

Celebrity Photography

Las Vegas Event Photographers Elite Photography Group capture Celebrity and Famous people at corporate events

Meet & Greet Events and Photo - Ops with Celebrities and Dignitaries

Corporate Groups

Las Vegas Group Photography - Indoor group photo at conference in Ottawa, Canada

Indoor & Outdoor Group Photos

Headshots & Portraits

Female and Male Business Headshot in Studio with Gray Canvas Backdrop - Las Vegas Headshot Photography

Business Headshots, Executive Portraits, Environmental & Lifestyle Portrait Photography

Music & Entertainment

Pop Music Star Colbie Caillat performing in Las Vegas - captured by Elite Photography Group

Concert Photography, Entertainment, Music, and Stage Production Photography

Event Decor

Corporate Event Decor Photo of Dinner Table Set Up in room with Stage - Las Vegas Corporate Special Event Decor Photography

Corporate Special Event Decor


Corporate Conference & Meeting Photography

– We capture your sessions, speakers, attendee candids, team building events and evening events. We move fast, we observe, we capture, we adapt, we anticipate, and we are always ready for the perfect shot. We also know to be unobtrusive, not getting noticed, to blend in, and not to interfere with the scene, allowing us to capture meeting attendees in a candid fashion, being able to capture them working and interacting, without interrupting. We look and act professional, we are prepared, and we are organized. We use the highest quality equipment allowing us to shoot fast, in low light, and deliver the high quality photos you expect.  

Special Event Photography & Team Building Events 

– Time for the attendees to have some fun! We know how to capture and document these events without being noticed so that we can capture the true spirit and emotion of the event, but we also know when it’s appropriate to step in for more posed and arranged photos, to create a good mix of candid and arranged coverage of the event. We know how to photograph these events indoors, outdoors, dark light, bright light, on a boat, on a golf course, or on an ATV; we have done it all!  

Convention & Tradeshow Photography

– We are experienced in architectural photography and know how to capture the beauty, design, and look of your tradeshow & exhibit booth; our photos make you and your products stand out. We can also photograph stunning images of your new products. We know how to move around and capture photos in sometimes very crowded areas, we capture the activity and interactions in your exhibit booth without interrupting your attendees or your work flow.  

Photos of Celebrities and Meet & Greet Photo-Ops

– We act and dress professionally and appropriately. We are patient, and we know how to act and adapt to fast changing schedule of events and celebrities and stars’ personality and special requests. These events are sometimes very intimate and very fast, and we know how to make it happen.  

Business Headshots & Executive Portraits

– We photograph portraits in our studio, on location and at your office. We use natural light or artificial lighting, based on your preference, the subject, and the look we aim for. We provide professional hair & make-up services as well as retouching. We assist you with idea and suggestions for outfits, accessories, backdrops and how to prepare for the photo shoot. Camilla not only knows how to pose your subject, she also knows how to make the subject comfortable in front of the camera.  

Award Photos, Ceremony, and Receptions

– Capturing Award Presentations and Ceremonies can be challenging. The ceremony is usually fast paced, the lighting is often uneven and often dark, and schedule of events change fast and last minute. Elite Photography Group is experienced and talented and knows how to handle all of these scenarios, and captures not only the ceremony on stage, but also the presenters, the audience, and the ambiance of the event. Camilla and her crew adapt to changes, anticipate, and know the equipment and makes adjustments to exposure and settings without having to think. We capture with available light, flash on camera, or bring a studio set up with backdrop and strobes. Award events are really important and we know it.    

Corporate Group Photography

– We either find an appropriate location for your group photo, or we will location scout the location you have chosen, and determine the best time of day and what lighting or other equipment we will need to produce a great looking group photo. A group can be small, but also huge with hundreds of people; we know how to capture them all and we know how to arrange and pose the group to make for a great visual photo.  

Music, Entertainment, Stage Production

– to capture events on stage is challenging. As a photographer you really need to know your equipment, lighting and color balance to be able to without even thinking change your settings instantly so that you capture the moment, the scene, the look and the feel of the event. We are also patient and we know to anticipate and wait for the right moment, and to move for the better angles, and to move around for a variety of angles without disrupting the experience for the audience or the entertainers. We capture dance shows, aerobic shows, concerts, shows with cars and trucks appearing, and fireworks.  

Photography of Event Décor & Design

– After spending the money and time to create all the décor for the event, you want to make sure you find the photographer who knows how to capture it. We know how to capture the mood, the décor, and the light to really show off your work. We also know how to work fast ; usually there is not much time between when the room is ready and the event starts, so we have to work fast to capture the beauty of the room. We know how to capture the ambience, the lighting, the mood, the room, the details, the flowers, the signage, the draping, and the textures. We capture décor photos for corporate dinner & luncheon events, outdoor & indoor events, corporate parties, special events, stage events, award receptions, weddings, birthdays and other social events. Our clients are Design & Décor Firms, Magazines, Conference & Tradeshows, Hotel & Casinos, and Restaurants.        

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