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Las Vegas Commercial Photography by Elite Photography Group -

Stunning Images for your Products and Services!





Advertising Photography

Las Vegas Photographer Camilla Sjodin Specialising in Advertising Photography - After Inked Products

Sell your Idea, Product, Lifestyle, or Vision with Professional Advertising Photography

Fashion Photography

Elite Photography Group Las Vegas- Fashion photography and Advertising Photography in Las Vegas

Innovative & Contemporary Advertising Photography for Clothing Lines, Fashion Magazines, Accessories, or Fashion Retail Stores

Jewelry Photography

Las Vegas Photographer Elite Photography Group - experienced product and jewelry photographer

Experts in Jewelry Photography for Advertising - we are highly skilled in Lighting and retouching of Jewelry Photos


Product Photography

Photography Las Vegas - Product Advertising Photo of Kiolink Ipad Holder by Camilla Sjodin

Our product photography portfolio includes various still life images for advertising and marketing.

Food Photography

Las Vegas Food Photographer - Elite Photography Group

Scrumptious Advertising Photos of entrees, beverages, desserts - for Ads, Internet Marketing, Magazines, Cookbooks, or Chefs' Portfolios

Architectural Photography

Las Vegas Architectural Photographer - Architectural Interior Photo of Pei Wei Restaurant

From interiors to exteriors, hotels to real estate, commercial to residential, we know how to showcase an architectural design.


Editorial Photography

Editorial Photography by Las Vegas Commercial Photographer Camilla Sjodin - at WOCCU Busia Compassionate Center Project in Kenya

With her background and experience in editorial and documentary photography, Camilla produces unforgettable images.

Zed Card|Model Portfolio


Boost your profile and prospects with professional photos for your Modeling Zed Card or Acting Portfolio


Commercial photography begins with an understanding of a brand or message. From there, creativity, artistry, technical skills, and patience enter the fold. Las Vegas photographer Camilla Sjodin is dedicated to combining all of these elements into every commercial shoot. Camilla has a great attention to detail, an eye for the perfect angle and skilled lighting techniques. She works hard, she is dedicated and she uses only the best quality photography equipment. She is patient, thorough and committed. She understands the message of your brand and how to create images that speak to your audience. Each assignment is unique and each project is handled with top priority from start to finish. Elite Photography Group has the experience and knowledge to oversee your successful Las Vegas commercial photo project. We consult closely with our clients on every assignment. In preparing for the assignment, you are invited to meet at our Las Vegas photography studio, or to communicate via Email or Phone. Our goal is to follow your vision, exceed expectations, and convey your message. Whether we’re doing advertising and marketing work, fashion photography, or editorial photography, we aim to create images that speak to your audience. We handle projects in our Las Vegas Photography Studio, but we also shoot on-site in Southern Nevada, Arizona, and California. We have also accepted national and international jobs. No matter the nature of your commercial photography project, it’s important to enlist a crew with a background in the industry. From self-employed individuals to large corporations, Elite Photography Group has served a variety of clients since forming in 2000 (formerly known as Sjodin Photography). Our well-prepared team can set forth a plan of action and determine the proper location, light, time of day, models, makeup, and retouching necessary for your final product. Please feel free to ask for additional samples of our work as well as references from our current and past satisfied clients. Contact Elite Photography Group today and let’s get to work.

Commercial Photography Services we provide include:

Elite Photography Group Specialize in Advertising Photography

As an accomplished Advertising Photographer, Camilla has served a diverse array of clients. No matter what you’re aiming to market, our goal is to understand your brand and message. Whether Camilla is working one-on-one in her studio or with her team of lighting assistants, stylist, or with an AD agency team,  you can expect an eye for detail and commitment to client satisfaction. Camilla understands Advertising, has an eye for the perfect angle, and stays up to date with current trends and fashions. It’s our job to help you advertise, market, and sell your product or service.    

Communication and patience are crucial to every advertising photography session. That’s why we’re happy to consult closely with clients. If you would prefer recommendations on your next advertising photography project, Camilla can advise you on variables such as location, lighting, models, retouching, and more. Have a creative or non-traditional concept in mind? No problem. Whether it’s for an advertisement, marketing campaign or public relations, our team can follow your vision.  Read More…

Architectural Photography

Depicting the essence of a structure on photograph requires an eye for detail. Capturing every nuance of an architectural design requires the perfect light, composition, choice of the right cameras and lenses as well as careful consideration of weather and reflection. Whether you need the interior or exterior of a building showcased, a professional experienced in Architectural Photography can provide spectacular results. The team at Elite Photography Group has the equipment and know-how to create vivid images of your building, house, restaurant, or hotel rooms.

Camilla and her team love the process of photographing architecture in Las Vegas and across Southern Nevada and California. We generally start projects by scouting and researching the location. From there, Camilla will devise a plan of action to capture the space. Our goal is to follow the instructions of the client and deliver photos that highlight unique design elements. From creatively composed to traditional shots, Camilla creates architectural photographs with a skillful eye toward effective composition. You’ll be amazed how fantastic we can make a structure look. Read More...

Editorial Photography

They say every picture tells a story. This is especially true when it comes to Editorial Photography. Whether you call it photojournalism, documentary, editorial, or feature, these kinds of photos are designed to tell a visual narrative. Camilla has the talent and personality perfectly suited for these assignments. She observes and photographs her subjects unnoticed and in an unobtrusive fashion, and therefore captures and conveys the story in a true manner, without interrupting or disrupting the subjects, the situation, or the work environment she’s assigned to document. She knows photography and her equipment so well that she captures quickly without having to think; her camera equipment is simply an extension of her mind and she reads the light and changes settings and angles quickly and effortlessly.

From local Las Vegas stories to international assignments, Camilla has handled an array of editorial photography projects. She’s even traveled to Africa in her journeys as a photojournalist. No matter where she works, Camilla documents her visual stories in a true manner without disrupting the environment. Editorial photography clients have included non-profit organizations, magazines, news outlets, businesses, and more Read More…

Fashion Photography

Depending on the type of clothing being marketed, Fashion Photography can range from simple and straightforward to creative and bursting originality. The options are really only bound by one’s imagination and the goal of the campaign. Whether you need images for catalogs or shots for ads, it’s important that you hire an experienced fashion photographer to oversee the project. A lot of work goes into designing clothing and accessories. An equal amount should go into making sure the brand looks good in the photographs.

At Elite Photography Group , we can handle a fashion shoot at our Las Vegas studio or an outside location. Camilla can coordinate with models, makeup artists, and art directors to get great shots of clothing apparel, shoes, beauty supplies, accessories and more. Our goal is to capture the unique personality and mood that viewers will associate with your fashion line. Our fashion photography clients have included lifestyle magazines, ad agencies, retail stores, and clothing and fashion product manufacturers. Read More…

Food Photography

Food should not taste good, it should look appetizing as well. That’s why when it comes to Food Photography, attention to detail and great lighting techniques are key. Getting that burger or steak to look scrumptious on photograph takes a lot of patience, creativity, and experience. From the steam emitting from that fajita to the right amount of ice in a cocktail, Elite Photography Group knows what makes food look attractive. We can create photos perfect for advertising, marketing, menus, magazines, chef portfolios, and more.

Great food photography starts with effective lighting techniques. From there, our Las Vegas photo crew can help pick the perfect backdrop, camera angle, and props to complement the dish. We have photographed everything from desserts and beverages to appetizers and entrees. Our clients may include hotels, restaurants, coffee shops, cookbook authors, and media outlets. Read More...

Jewelry Photography

Jewelry is designed to be more than just a fashion accessory. So many of our favorite rings, necklaces, and pendants have special meaning. Effective Jewelry Photography can not only help enhance the qualities of a product, it can capture the attention of the viewer. At Elite Photography Group, we handle everything from traditional catalog photos to bold images for advertisements. Las Vegas photographer Camilla Sjodin knows how to follow a client’s vision while working with assistants and art directors.

Jewelry photography is a very specialized type of product advertising photography. Good results require skillful lighting, superior lenses, retouching abilities, and professional equipment. We can offer our services at our fully equipped studio or at a location of your choosing. Camilla has both the patience and experience in Photoshop editing and retouching to get what the client demands.

Product Photography Specialist

When it comes to Product Photography, we know that clients can have very specific goals. Effective product imagery can inform an audience, broaden a customer base, and convey a message. Whether the photos are for an advertisement or a company website, the product always comes first. From furniture and electronics to candles and jewelry, Camilla is proud to call herself a specialist in product photography.

Preparation is key for any product photo shoot. There is a delicate art to highlighting the features of a product in a successful way. At Elite Photography Group, we collaborate closely with the client and/or art director. From there, Camilla can determine which backdrops, lighting, and lenses work best. She also have a deep understanding of the “unseen” elements that can enhance a product photo.  She pays great attention to detail, as well as use her creative mind to showcase the product. Read More…

Zed Card and Portfolio Photography for Models and Actors/Actresses

For professional actors and models, it pays to look good. That’s why it’s important to have quality headshots and a great Photo Portfolio. Zed Cards, also called comp cards and Z cards, generally consist of two or more pages and include a full-size portrait along with several other images that showcase the qualities of the subject. These photos are essentially the business cards for actors and models. With a professional photographer at the helm, you can create a polished zed card or portfolio that will stand out to potential clients.   Photographer Camilla Sjodin is experienced in working with actors, actresses, and models of all ages. We can produce quality zed cards, photographic prints, as well as black and white or color high-resolution digital files. Whether you’re interested in coming to our Las Vegas photography studio or want to meet for an outdoor shoot, we’ll deliver photos that highlight your talents. We can also arrange for hair and makeup services. Read More...

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